County Clean up of South Fork Peachtree Creek

From: Sharon VerBeek <> of Tucker via the North Druid Valley Homeowners Association:  I attended a neighborhood meeting hosted by DeKalb county on March 12th.   This was one of 3 community meetings to be held to obtain comments and input regarding a Stream Cleanup Project which will involve South Fork Peachtree, Snapfinger and South river.  Basically Dekalb County was sued by the US EPA and GA DNR for dumping sewage in waterways.  As part of the settlement, they have to spend $660,000 on a one-time trash clean up of three creeks (including tributaries) that were involved in the dumping (South Fork Peachtree Creek is one of the three.  In order to determine the areas most in need of clean up, they are asking for citizen input via a survey distributed through a series of public meetings as well as through direct contact with neighborhood associations. 

During 2012 a plan must be developed including maps, descriptions of segments to be cleaned, etc., methods, personnel, etc.  Once the plan is approved, the county will have 12 months to complete the clean up project.

They emphasized that this is a one-time cleanup, simply to satisfy the terms of the settlement and will not involve ongoing maintenance or enforcement.

The way I look at it is that we have a huge opportunity to get the creek running behind Homewood and Lathan cleaned up.  I know the creek has been a major headache for many years; I know it won't change the amount of the flow but it will certainly clean out the debris.

The best part is that it's been laid at our feet - we didn't have to go knocking on doors or harassing people to get it.

I've attached 3 documents for your review:

~ SEP (Supplemental Environmental Project) report
~ Press Release (that also provides the legal reference)
~ SEP Survey (each resident completes for their property)

....  I've asked for a map that shows the entire creek and all its tributaries, as well as the neighborhoods and streets it flows through. I'll share it when I receive it.

If someone in the neighborhood  works for DNR, they can probably provide lots of additional information.

What bothered me about the Press Release or media used to get the word out about this is that there isn't any.  The notice about the meeting I attended was buried down in the DeKalb County website.

I know I'm staying on top of this so I can get my tributary cleaned up here at Twin Brothers Lakes in Tucker.

Sharon VerBeek

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