SLOW DOWN! Signs for N. Decatur Rd

[Update 7/26: Because of rain, this action has been postponed until next weekend August 3-4 according to Joe Greear, 404-368-6246 or]  Posted with permission from Deanne Thomas []:  Hi Y'all,  Hope this email finds everyone well. I'm checking in to see who all's up for a door-to-door effort along the N. Decatur Rd stretch to get residents and businesses to display PEDS SLOW DOWN! signs. ... PEDS will give us their last 50 signs so that we can really raise drivers' awareness. It'll also let us fill folks in on the collaborative initiative going on between community residents, safety groups, and the involved governments. Ideally, we can do it this weekend so that it's in place for Monday's rush hour-- sooner would be fine too.  What do y'all think? And if you're up for it, when suits best to do it?  Deanne

N Decatur Rd and cyclists

Event Date and Time: 
07/29/2013 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

From the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition: Bike commuters interested in sharing their experiences biking (or avoiding) N Decatur Road east of Emory University are invited to attend a community forum. Feedback will be used to inform the bicycle road safety audit of N Decatur being performed the 30th and 31st. The meeting will be held Monday July 29th 5:30-6:30 at the Claudia Nance Rollins building, Rm 2001, 401 Rollins Way, Emory campus.

Commissioner responses to N Decatur pedestrian deaths

From the office of commissioner Jeff Rader in response to a very pro-active campaign by CHCA resident Joe Greear: Dear Community Members and City of Decatur Officials, Like many in the community, Commissioners Rader and Gannon are grieving over the recent death of Mr. Jianchang Wu, a visitor who perished in a pedestrian accident on North Decatur Road, east of Clairmont.  This tragedy, together with the death of cyclist Paul Taylor east of the recent incident, has made action to evaluate and improve pedestrian safety in this corridor a top priority.  As a result, our Commission offices are working with community, county and city officials and staff to understand the situation and develop strategies and improvements to achieve pedestrian safety goals.

Slow Down! signs distribution

Event Date and Time: 
07/17/2013 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

From PEDS (Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety) via CHCA resident Joe Greear: PEDS will be holding a Slow Down! signs distribution event on Wednesday, July 17th from 6-7pm at Suburban Plaza. Displaying a yard sign is a really terrific way to raise drivers' awareness when traveling our neighborhood streets. There is no charge for the signs, thanks to Abbadabba's sponsorship of this effort. This may be one of the last opportunities to get one of these bright yellow signs, so please stop by if you can.

N Decatur Rd pedestrian safety issues

From Joe Greear: Everyone, Someone has cut back and sprayed the bushes at the creek on N. Decatur. Thank you, that helps some, but as you can see from the attached photos, this remains an extremely dangerous place for pedestrians. The sidewalk narrows and looses the grass strip at the creek, making the pedestrian walk within inches of fast moving traffic. On top of that, the sidewalk is crumbling, broken and uneven. If a person were to trip on the manhole, they would surely be hit by oncoming cars. This section of road is right across from Landover and adjacent to the scene of the terrible tragedy that happened to the Wu family. It is my personal hope that the County can replace this culvert or at least the sidewalk with something that removes the pedestrian from the flow of traffic. 

Can we make N Decatur Rd safe?

Attached is a letter posted with permission from CHCA resident Joe Greear to our commissioners asking to make N Decatur Rd safer for pedestrians.  Below it are responses from Kathie Gannon's office and Emory's Clifton Community Partnership.  Joe invites others to join him in keeping this issue alive.  The CHCA board has also communicated their concerns.  The story is scheduled to run Monday morning, 7/1/13, in the 6:30 half hour on Channel 11. It will also be posted on The Commuter Dude's webpage along with an extended interview of the victim's family. 

Accident at N Decatur/Landover

Both and Fox Atlanta report that a pedestrian was killed at the intersection of N Decatur and Landover Dr. Thursday morning June 20. That was the cause of the big traffic jam in our neighborhood.  [Update 6/22/13: Identity of the victim and diagram of the accident have been published by the North Druid Hills - Briarcliff Patch.]

Georgia Power work to impact Clifton Road, Gambrell Drive

From Emory: Georgia Power Co. will be installing a duct bank for power lines to support the Emory University Hospital bed tower project and the new substation being built to the north of the North Decatur Building. Work is scheduled to begin on the evening of Monday, May 20 and will take place from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. each night and every other weekend.

Emory's 2013 Commencement

Emory's 2013 Commencement occurs Monday, May 13, with some related events happening the previous week.  Here's a schedule of events.  We expect that traffic will be impacted in the Clifton Corridor.

Road closure Friday-Saturday South Ponce

From commissioner Jeff Rader:  DeKalb County Road Closure Notification.  Beginning 6:00 a.m. Friday April 11, through 6:00 a.m. Saturday April 12, South Ponce de Leon Avenue between Clifton Road NE and Ponce de Leon Avenue NE will be closed to through traffic.  Road closure signs will be posted advising of construction work and traffic detours.  For more information, contact Clint Fumanti at 404-333-6621.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend -

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