Emory World Music Concert April 17, 7pm

From Emory (free and open to the public): Emory World Music Program presents: ECHOES OF ASIA with performances of · Carnatic and Hindustani music · Korean percussion and zither · Sudanese gamelan degung · Chinese traditional music with special guest · Techung, Tibetan singer-songwriter* and introducing · Emory Tibetan Music Ensemble 7pm, Sunday, April 17, 2011 Performing Arts Studies 1804 North Decatur Road The program is free and open to the public. *Techung is currently completing a six-week musical residency at Emory University through the generous financial support of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation.

Sustainability & Clifton Community Partnership Update

From Emory's Clifton Community Partnership.  Contents: Welcome to the Sustainability & Clifton Community Partnership Update; Month-Long Celebrations for Mother Earth; Generating Ideas to Reduce Carbon Footprint; Sustainability Update: How is Emory Doing?;Additional Effort Underway to Achieve Sustainability Goal;'Green' Conference Focuses on Health Care; Reused Trees Serve as Kiosks in Lullwater Preserve; Students 'Get Hands Dirty' with Placed-Based Learning

Tibet Week events for Friday and Saturday @ the Carlos Museum

From the Emory-Tibet Partnership and Carlos Museum: Remaining Tibet Week events.

Emory Tibet week events for kids

From Emory's Carlos Museum: Sand Mandala Workshop for Children; Children's meditation workshop; Family concert.

Tibet week at Emory open to public

Event Date and Time: 
03/28/2011 (All day) - 04/02/2011 (All day)

From the Emory Tibet Partnership: The Emory-Tibet Partnership is pleased to announce Emory’s 11th Annual Tibet Week: March 28th – April 2nd, 2011.  Please review the attached poster for a complete list of events. This year, highlights include: Mandala Sand Painting and Traditional Tibetan Butter Sculpture, Buddhism and Science “Debate Night”, a panel on the Middle Way Approach to the Tibet issue, and a musical performance of “Tibetan Love and Freedom Songs” by Techung.

New park planned for Emory Village

From Emory Report: by David Payne. An oasis is taking shape amid the ongoing construction related to the Emory Village roundabout and streetscape improvements. The roadway for the new roundabout will open space that is currently covered in asphalt for a new "pocket park" adjacent to the Chevron gas station and North Oxford Road. The small park -- approximately 8,300 square feet –- will be one of the newly created public spaces in the revitalized Village.

Emory quarterly meeting with neighbors

Event Date and Time: 
03/22/2011 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

From Emory: Greetings to all: Our next quarterly community meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 22, from 6:30-8:00 PM., in room 155 of the North Decatur Road Building.  As you know, these informal quarterly meetings are an opportunity to share information and discuss any particular issues of interest or concern to you with Mike Mandl, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration.  Please extend this invitation to others in your neighborhood who may want to participate. I have attached directions to the Lowergate South parking deck, which has a walkway from the deck onto the second floor of the North Decatur Road building. Room 155 is on the first floor.

Clifton Community Partnership Update March 2011

From Emory's Office of Community Partnerships: Celebrate the Landmark Completion of Olmsted Linear Park;
121-Foot Taco Lands at Emory; Let the 'Gains' Begin, Annual Auction Returns; Rushdie Returns, Public Invited to Events; Ready, Set, Go!;
Illustration of African Art in Divine Intervention; Five Questions: Terry Lawler

Information Security Awareness - Social Networking and Privacy

Of possible interest from Emory's IT division: While websites designed for social networking are not new, they have continued to grow and change over time. They help people not only keep in touch with each other, but also with organizations and activities that interest them. They have also become a new ground for scams and stalkers.

Watch your privacy

Clifton Community Partnership Update February 2011

From Emory University-Clifton Community Partnership: Commissioner Rader to Host Public Budget Meeting; Post-Holiday Savings in Emory Village ; Emory Declares Its Regret for Historic Slavery Involvement; Improvements Continue to Emory Village Streetscape; Mythic Creatures Soon to be Sighted in Clifton Community; Three Emory Professors Named 2010 AAAS Fellows; Clearing the Air: Study Examines Why People Light Up; Lecture Series Explores 'Simple Living'; Symposium Explores Urban Chicken Farming; Summer Cancer Research Program Engages HS Students

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