July 19, 2023

Dear Clairmont Heights neighbors and friends, 

July is annual membership month for the neighborhood association, and we hope you’ll join or renew your membership for 2023-2024 year! All membership dues are used to support and build our community, and we welcome input and ideas for events and initiatives you’d like to see this year. 

Email us at ClairmontHeightsCA@gmail.com with any ideas for the upcoming year. 

Your $25 annual household membership for 2023-2024 will support things like the following: 
  • The Fall Block Party (where we aim to exceed the high bar set by last year’s all-around great time 😊) 
  • Regular donut, coffee, and/or ice cream socials (with activities for kids!) 
  • Outdoor movie nights or Atlanta sports watch parties 
  • Scavenger hunts and our Street & Feet event
  • Banners to celebrate our high school graduates 
  • New plants and maintenance for Ira B. Melton Park 
  • Much more! 
The more participation we have, the more we can do. It’s easy to join – just click on the Membership tab at the top of the screen. If you are on your desktop computer, using the yellow PayPal button is even easier:

Thanks for joining! 

 Your CHCA board

July 12, 2023

July is Membership Month!


Dear Clairmont Heights neighbors and friends,

CHCA invites and encourages you to join and support our neighborhood organization. Our year runs from June-to-June, so please renew your CHCA membership for the 2023-2024 year.

Your $25 household membership supports efforts like the following:

  • Neighborhood parties and events like the Fall Block Party and Street and Feet,
  • Scavenger Hunts and Donut Days on occasion,
  • Other gatherings where neighbors can meet and catch up,
  • Fees for our neighborhood's e-Newsletter, our Web site, and our Zoom account,
  • Banners to celebrate our high school graduates each year,
  • Neighborhood beautification and plants for Melton Park.

 Our board members freely donate their time and expertise for things like this:

  • Representation of neighborhood concerns to local elected leaders,
  • Scrutiny of development proposals around our neighborhood,
  • Support for local schools through community education efforts and advocacy,
  • Monitoring myriad issues affecting the Clairmont Heights neighborhood.

Please click the Membership tab above this post to access the Membership page. Thanks for joining!