Membership dues are $25 per household. Membership runs from June to June.

Membership in Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) is open to persons 18 years of age or older who own property or reside within the CHCA boundaries .

How we use your membership dues:

Neighborhood Improvements: We buy plants for neighborhood entrances and help fund additions to Melton Park. We provide grants for things like our annual Graduation Banners. We mow common areas when necessary.

Social gatherings: CHCA sponsors our neighborhood’s annual Halloween potluck and occasionally other cookouts. We organize Scavenger Hunts, Movie Nights, and the annual Street & Feet neighborhood social tour. We provide opportunities to meet your neighbors and have a good time.
Communication: This Association website, our weekly eNewsletter, and the neighborhood Facebook group are all mechanisms that we employ to share information about the community. With separate committees addressing traffic issues, zoning and development concerns, and schools, our Board learns about a wide variety of things that we share throughout the year.

To join and make a payment:
To pay online by credit card: Please fill out the form below and make your payment via the button at the top RIGHT menu of this page.

To pay by check or cash: Please contact us at to arrange a drop-off.