October 28, 2019

CHCA Halloween Party!

Your Clairmont Heights Civic Association has sponsored this FUN potluck get-together for many years, and it is the highlight of our neighborhood's social calendar!

  • CHCA will provide burgers, hot dogs, and some drinks.

  • IT'S A POTLUCK! Bring a dish or beverage to share. Or both! Disposable containers are preferred for all food contributions.

  • WE'RE HAVING A CHILI COOKOFF & TASTING! Bring your crockpot by 6:00 pm. Popular acclaim will decide the winner. We're working on a prize or two for the victors!

  • IF YOU'RE WONDERING -- DRESS UP! Don't avoid coming if you don't have a costume. However, if you're wondering, yes, adults DO dress up for this party!

  • IT'S ALL AGES FUN! Great opportunity for kids and adults to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

  • TRICK OR TREATING GROUPS break off as the night goes on and roam the neighborhood together for trick-or-treating.

  • RENEW OR ESTABLISH YOUR CHCA MEMBERSHIP ONSITE! Remember to bring your wallet or a credit card!

  • PARTY CLOSES DOWN AT 9:00 PM. Feel free to swing by any time between 5:30 and 9:00!

  • Hosted by the Ackermann's at 675 Densley Drive