September 19, 2020

2020 CHCA Street & Feet Physically Distant Neighborhood Social Event-- GRAB YOUR MASKS!


What is it? Street & Feet is an event to encourage all Clairmont Heights neighbors to get outside and get moving. Families will walk designated neighborhood routes to see the sights and greet each other in a COVID-responsible way. Our goal is to get everyone involved! GRAB YOUR MASKS AND GO!

Where do we walk? We have two routes, the Main March and the Mini March, so choose your distance. Start anywhere on either route closest to your home – that way we have adequate spacing between families all along the route. Follow the map and you can’t go wrong - you’ll end up right back near your home! Document your tour with stamps at the Stamper Stations. Listen for the Air Horn at 10 to start us off.

 The Main March is 3.4 miles, taking a (roughly) clockwise tour of neighborhood residential streets. We anticipate that average speed walkers can complete this in 1 to 1-1/2 hours. The Mini March is a touch over 1 mile, a good distance for younger children, smaller dogs, or older legs. It follows a counter clockwise path on streets that avoid steep hills.

 Feeling ambitious? Try a combination – a Main March and a Mini, or a Mini-Mini, or a Mini-Main-Mini – you choose!

Can we just watch? Of course! Sit out in your yard. Wave while weeding. Tip your hat to friends from the comfort of your porch. This event is for all. Oh, we will also be broadcasting on Facebook Live on our Clairmont Heights page - you can catch us there!

What are the Stamper Stations?

Membership & Magnets   Join CHCA easily and grab your NEW, non-delaminating car magnet.

Ice Cream Sandwiches   Grab (and keep going).

Family Photos  Pause near a nice spot for a photo that we’ll take and email to you.

The Play Way  Hopscotch or walk the chalk maze for youngsters on the Mini March.

Hal’s Alley  Circle the Cul-de-sac and check out the street art at its center.


click to download this flyer

Main Route

Mini Route