May 30, 2022

2022 Annual Membership Meeting

Please join us online for the 2022 Membership Meeting. We will meet online using Zoom on SUNDAY, June 19th at 5:00 PM

CHCA members will elect officers at this meeting. Our Nomination Committee presents the following candidates:

·      President:

Bert Ackermann

·      Vice President:

David Lowe

·      Treasurer:

Hal Bailey

·      Corresponding Secretaries:

Cindy Giver and Eric Gilbert

·      Recording Secretary:

Nancy Rosetti

In addition, members can be nominated or self-nominate from the floor. Our process is governed by our bylaws, which are on our website.

Committee Chairs are appointed by the president and Executive Board. Nominees are:

·      Planning and Zoning:

Jim Smith

·      Schools and Community Service:

Steve Langdon

·      Traffic:

Brian Hollahan and John Moore

·      Membership:

Claire-Anne Gutekunst

·      Communication:

Nicole and Michael Dowling

We will email the Zoom meeting link to all CHCA members during the week preceding the meeting.