Contact Us

Please send questions, suggestions, or ideas by email at clairmontheightsca@gmail.comWe will forward your question to the correct officer or committee chair. You should also feel free to contact individual officers directly.

CHCA Elected Officers for 2022-2023 Term:
       Susan Finn, President
        Dave Lowe, Vice-President
        Hal Bailey, Treasurer
        Eric Taylor, Recording Secretary
        Cindy Giver and Eric Gilbert, Corresponding Secretary

Standing Committee Chairs:
Steve Langdon, Schools & Community Services Chair
Molly Patrick and Michael Dowling, Communications Chairs
Clint Paden, Traffic & Safety Co-Chair
Jim Smith, Planning & Zoning Chair
Claire-Anne Gutekunst, Membership Chair

Special Committee Chairs:
Bert Ackermann, Events and Party Planning

Past Presidents:
Bert Ackermann -- 2019-2023
Peter Rumsey  --  2016-2019
Michael Dowling  --  2014-2016
Suzan Rowe  --  2012-2014
Charlie Bleau  --  2010-2012
Nancy Ciliax  --  2008-2010