January 21, 2019

Eagle Scout constructs fabulous new bridge in Ira B. Melton Park!

The Three Creeks Trail at Ira B. Melton Park just got a beautiful Eagle Scout bridge and boardwalk combo. The project, which will greatly improve walking conditions on the northeast side of the park, was completed on January 3,2019 by Dean Sprinkle, a Clairmont Heights resident and member of Boy Scout Troop 18. (See young man in blue jacket in photo to right.)

Despite horrendous weatherit rained so heavily during the week-long build that the park flooded and was under water for a whole dayDean persevered, helped by his dad Don Sprinkle, his sister Claire, some neighbors, and a few fellow scouts. Tim Bryson and Bruce Payne get special kudos for pitching in many hours with gusto and good spirit. Sturdy and well built, it will serve the community for many years to come.

If you like the bridge, Dean could still use some help paying for the materials. Friends of Ira B. Melton Park will continue to target all donations to the Eagle project until the end of February, 2019. If you would like to contribute:

Short version (linked to Special Donation form):

1. Click link:  Special Donation to Melton Park Eagle Scout project
2. Select "Ira B. Melton Park" from the list.
3. Donate $ - Thank you!

Long version (just in case link above stops working):

1. Go to the Park Pride website (www.parkpride.org),
2. Click on the "give now" button on the right side of the page and choose "Donate,"
3. Scroll WAY down to Donation FAQs and click “Can I give money to a specific park or project?”
4. In their answer, click the link (same as in short version above) to donate,
5. Under “Choose a Park to Support”, select "Ira B. Melton Park." 
6. Donate $ - Thank you!

All donations are tax deductible.