June 21, 2019

CHCA Annual Community Meeting

Neighbors, please join CHCA for our annual Community Meeting on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. This should be a great opportunity to meet or reconnect with people from all parts of the neighborhood, learn about important legislative developments - particularly at the county level, and get informed about county infrastructure issues like intersections / MARTA / drains!

Folks who attend will be able to join or renew their family memberships for $20 using cash, check, or credit card. Members will elect new officers for the Association's 2019 year, including a new President. The Nominating Committee's recommended slate of officers is provided below.

Bert Ackermann
Vice President
Michael Dowling
Hal Bailey
Recording Secretary
Valarie Basheda
Eric Gilbert and
  Cindy Giver

Current President Peter Rumsey practices handing off
the "baton" to Bert Ackermann at a recent board meeting.

We would like to thank several officers and committee chairs retiring from the Board after several years of service: Peter Rumsey (3 years as President), Regan Keebaugh (3 yrs as VP), Mike Fink (4 yrs as our Communications Committee Chair), and Kara Rozell (3 yrs as Schools Committee Chair).